September 20, 2014

Sneak Peak: The most awaited bridal show!

Faraz Manan and Ather Shahzad join forces to bring you a night to remember, an amazing bridal display, a ramp show you will never forget!
The awaited collection is called 'Lyallpur' and is an ode to the city now known as Faisalabad. Faraz shares:
'It's an ode the city and how it's aesthetics have evolved tremendously, yet the rich culture and heritage of food, fabric, furniture and the lifestyle as a whole have not been forgotten'

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September 15, 2014

Events: Glitzy Karachi introduces delicious Magnums!

Pakistan's first Magnum Pleasure Store opens in Karachi at a glitzy, happening store launch much to the delight of A- list chocolate lovers who thronged to the Clifton store till late into the evening. 

Ayesha Omar shines in a gorgeous Shehla Chatoor dress!

September 12, 2014

Style Spotting: Shehla Chatoor

The new sightings in Shehla Chatoor are breathtaking! So sit back and drool...

Sneak Preview: Elan!

The coveted house of Elan gives us a sneak preview from their upcoming Bridal collection! These gorgeous pictures have tantalised our taste buds for more!!

September 11, 2014

Bag Spotting: Aamna Taseer

An always classy Aamna Taseer makes another lovely appearance! A gorgeous camel cover up and an understated YSL tote perfect for the London weather!

Get the tote for yourself for $3,290 and all these lovely cover for under $250!
The knit with leather pockets by michael kore, the fur neck by river island, hooded cape by john lewis and blazer from see by chloe.

Snippets: Faiza Samee at Aalishan Pakistan

The undeniable Legend of a talent, Faiza Samee at a fashion show in Delhi, more images coming soon!


September 9, 2014

Couturier turned Entertainer: HSY!

Pakistan’s leading couturier Hassan Sheheryar Yasin continues his 20th year celebration with his TV debut as host of the much anticipated late night show “Tonite with HSY”. Airing from 13th September 2014 on HUM TV , the weekly show will feature the leading personalities from the music, film and entertainment industry of Pakistan including the likes of Mahira Khan, Fawad khan, Ayesha Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Maria Wasti, Ayesha Omar, Reema Khan, Bilal Lashari, Saba Hameed and Meesha Shafi to name a few.

Jewellery Box: Damas

It was a glittering night as the models took the stage, adorned in bold jewel encrusted chokers, statement earrings and dandy enameled pendants that rested smoothly against the breastbone and added a tinge of sultriness to the outfit worn. The private exhibition for Damas jewelry was held on 22nd of August 2014 and was attended by the crème de la crème of entertainment and fashion world, along with notable socialites and fashionistas. 



PKDL at Appna Exhibition

APPNA 2014 held at the Gaylord Convention Center in Washington DC where PKDL showcased the bigwigs of Pakistani fashion including Elan, Faraz Manan, HSY, Zara Shahjahan, Asifa & Nabeel, Ayesha Farook Hashwani, Farida Hasan and many more desigenrs. The event was attended by over 4000 people and PKDL was one of the best booths at APPNA selling out on most of the brands and was much loved by ladies shopping at the event. The shoppers at PKDL flew from all over the US and Canada. 

 Mina Hasan, Alisha Hashmi, Nickie and Nina, Umair Tabani (Managing Director of Sania Maskatiya) as well as Anum J Akram (CEO Labels Lahore) also attended.

September 1, 2014


1) Skim fat off greasy soups or sauces with ice cubes. Call it a miracle of modern science—or just a principle of basic physics—but but dropping an ice cube into an oily soup, stew, casserole or sauce will attract fat, which can then be scooped out with a spoon. Move quick; the ice cube melts fast.

2) Chew, chew, chew, chew…and chew some more. According to Darya Rose, PhD, and author ofFoodist, studies have shown that when people slow down, chew thoroughly, and focus on the attributes of the food, they enjoy it more and naturally eat less. FWIW, posting a food pic on Instagram does not count as appreciating your meal. 

3) Eat from small red dishes. Last year, an Italian study of 130 people found that people ate fewer pretzels when they were served on red plates versus blue or white plates, perhaps because red tends to signal danger. Research also shows that putting food in smaller vessels helps curb mindless consumption. 

4) Turn off your taste buds with a Listerine strip. You know those moments when you’re really, really not hungry and yet, you’re craving pretty much anything? New York City PhD Stephen Gullo, and author ofThe Thin Commandments, advises patients to pop in a bracing Listerine strip. It knocks out the taste buds and the sense of smell, which in turn curbs temptations, he says. 

5) Take five days off every week from hardcore dieting. 
An English study found that over the course of four-months, women who kept to a strict diet (650 calories, or 50 grams of carbohydrates and unlimited protein) twice a week, with no more than 2,000 calories on the other five days, lost more weight than those who were told to eat 1,500 calories daily. Note: that doesn’t mean your off days are cheat days. 

6) Make sure that at least a quarter of every meal is veggie-based. In a study at Pennsylvania State, subjects who were given meals that had 25 percent vegetables consumed 350 fewer calories in the day than those who ate veggie-free dishes. 

7) Embrace vinegar. Acetic acid, the primary compound in vinegar, slows the speed the stomach empties—meaning that it can increase feelings of satiety. There’s also research that shows it reduces glucose levels and fat storage. Drizzle it on salads, but a few tablespoons in soup, or even take a tablespoon or two medicine-style before each meal.

8) Eat from the pastel food groups.Gullo says that the dieter’s food pyramid looks a little different than the FDA’s: Seafood, egg whites, high-protein yogurts (like Greek version) and low-carb green and white vegetables, are “the path to skinny.” 

9) Make eggs an essential part of your diet routine. So, scientists aren’t entirely sure why, but in research at Louisiana State University, they found that dieters whose breakfast contained eggs lost more than those whose didn’t—even though the brekkies contained the same number of calories. Also: Doesn’t have to be egg whites.

10) Stop over-accessorizing your salads. The same rule that applies to outfits applies to leafy greens. New York City nutritionist Lauren Slayton, author of The Little Book of Thin advises her clients to choose one accessory—avocado, cheese, nuts—per salad.

11) Shots, shots, shots. No, this is not a joke. Leave it to Mexican researchers to determine that agavins, a type of sugar from the agave plant, which is used to make tequila, can’t be digested, doesn’t raise blood sugar, and may help you lose weight. Salt, lime, yes.

12) Pop the bubbly…water. It’s not that surprising that a lot of times when we reach for food we’re actually just thirsty. But Gullo adds this twist: Carbonated water tricks the body into feeling fuller than regular tap water.

13) Get your fiber from fruit…not Fiber One. Well fine, if you like Fiber One, that works for you. But prunes, avocado, and blackberries also have a lot of fiber—a key component to satiety—and are a lot more palatable.

This Aamzing insightful article by Harpers Bazaar.